Product knowledge

Product knowledge

In winter, when the laser tube is used, it is easy to freeze, wire aging, lens freezing and condensation. In order to ensure users' normal use of the laser, please pay attention to the use of the laser machine in winter:


1. Before starting up, be sure to check the water circulation system of the laser tube, lens and other important parts to prevent freezing of the water circulation system and frosting and condensation of the lens.


2. In order to prevent the laser tube from freezing in winter, after the laser stops working, drain the water in the laser tube and the circulation system clean.


3.  If the temperature reaches below zero, the cooling water can be replaced with antifreeze.


4. If ice is found in the laser tube, do not turn it on. Forced use may easily lead to the laser tube exploding and other dangerous consequences.

Laser Marking Machine, used in garment accessories, medicine packaging, wine packaging, building ceramics, beverage packaging, fabric cutting, rubber products, shell nameplate, craft gifts, electronic components, leather and other industries.

1. It can carve metal and many kinds of non-metallic materials. It is more suitable for processing products with high precision and precision, laser marking stainless steel.

2. Applied to electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, hardware products, tool accessories, precision instruments, glasses, clocks, jewelry, automotive accessories, plastic keys, building materials, PVC pipes, medical devices and other industries.

3. Applicable materials include: ordinary metals and alloys (all metals such as iron, copper, aluminium, magnesium and zinc), rare metals and alloys (gold, silver, titanium), metal oxides (all kinds of metal oxides are acceptable), special surface treatment (phosphating, aluminium anodization, electroplating surface), ABS materials (household appliances, daily necessities), inks (light transmission keys, printing products), epoxy. Resin (encapsulation and insulation of electronic components).


1, About fiber laser marking machine

Preventing Fiber Broken

The pump source and laser head of the laser system are connected by optical fibers. Users should ensure that the bending diameter of the optical fibers is greater than 300 mm in the course of use or transportation. Severe bending will lead to fiber breakage and laser system can not work properly.

Prevention of dust pollution

When the optical fiber access port of power supply and laser head is not connected with the optical fiber, the protective cover provided with the system must be installed to prevent the external dust from polluting the internal optical components.

When the optical fiber is not connected with the power supply and laser head, the protective cover provided with the system must be installed to prevent the pollution of the optical fiber end. (If the optical fiber end has adhered to dust, the optical fiber end should be cleaned by ear wash ball. If the pollution is serious, the dust-free paper with alcohol and ether mixture should be used to clean it.) Failure to install protective cover will contaminate the internal optical components and the end face of the optical fiber, which will lead to the failure of the whole laser system and loss of warranty.

2, Avoiding condensation

Prevention of laser crystal and LD cavity surface condensation

Laser marking systems are forbidden to work in high humidity environments. Customers should ensure that ambient humidity is less than 60%. When the temperature difference between laser crystal and ambient temperature is too large (greater than 10 degrees), it will probably lead to laser crystal condensation, which will lead to power decline or damage of laser system. Therefore, when the ambient temperature is much higher than the setting temperature of the water tank (more than 10 degrees), it is strictly forbidden that the laser marking system is in a single-boiled water cooler and the laser head does not work. In this state, the following steps are recommended:

When starting, turn on the chiller, wait for the temperature of the chiller to show below 30 C, start the power supply and slowly adjust the current to about 10A; wait for the temperature of the chiller to show the working temperature (about 18 C), then slowly adjust the current to about 35A.

When shutting down, first slow down the current to about 10A and stop the power output, turn off the power supply, and then turn off the water cooler as soon as possible. If it does not work at the maximum current, the cooling temperature of the refrigerator can be properly raised (but not higher than 25 C). Laser system equipment must be used in the specified environment (air conditioning should be installed in the southern operating environment).

1.SIOS(System Integration Optimization System)



Our company uses SIOS system to collect the operating data of each system of the machine for processing and analysis, optimize the parts of the machine, and make the working of each component of the machine work optimally. The whole machine has higher working efficiency, which makes the machine run more stable, work more accurately, lower loss and longer service life. Compared with other machines that are not optimized with the SIOS system, even if the same machine configuration or system is used, we use the SIOS optimization system to make the machine run more smoothly, and the configuration or system life will be longer. engraving printing machine


2. 8S management


The factory production workshop uses 8S management to effectively improve production efficiency and reduce the failure rate of the machine due to human factors, so as to achieve the goal of minimizing the loss caused by the failure rate.


3.Selected components


Even the screws of the fixed parts are selected from a number of suppliers in the market to select the best stainless steel screws for the fixed machine parts. Each type of screw used in each position of each machine is tested repeatedly to make the machine run more. Stable, improve machine life and reduce machine failure rate. So every component of the machine is a perfect piece of work.


4.Housing of patented


The machine casing is made of more thicker steel plate, and the casing of the “balanced mechanics” integrated industrial design concept has been patented in the design of the machine. The parts of the casing frame are evenly stressed, which increases the stability of the machine and makes it work more smooth, so our machines have a longer service life than the  other machines that have steel plates of the same thickness. engraving printing machine

Stamp laser engraving machine is a high-tech product that integrates the latest optical, machine and electric integration technologies and design solutions. The main working principle is to rely on the laser tube to generate laser light. The laser carries high temperature on the chapter material for progressive scanning engraving. The laser engraving machine can engrave on hard materials such as plastic, horn, organic, etc., and can only be processed on non-metal materials.


Machine introduction

The new generation Voiern stamp laser engraving machine has the best combination of appearance, performance and precision. Its WINDOWS (recommended to use win98/me/xp/2000) full Chinese interface display, support printer, scanner, compatible with TIF international standard font and BMP, The JPG file, at the same time, its engraved seal effect can fully meet the "China People's Republic of China and the Public Safety Industry Standards" (GA241.-2000). Simple operation, font specification, easy to learn and use, positive words, anti-words, yin and yang words can be converted at will.


working principle

The Stamp laser engraving machine is powered by a power supply to the laser, which emits laser light to the reflective lens and then focuses the engraving on the material through the lens.


Advantage characteristics

Stamp laser engraving machine is the most advanced processing tool. It mainly uses high-efficiency laser to engrave and cut materials. The main equipment includes computer and laser engraving machine (cutting machine). The process of laser engraving and cutting is very simple, just like using Computers and printers print on paper. After using a variety of graphics processing software (CorelDraw, Photoshop, CAD) for graphic design, the graphics are transferred to the laser engraving machine. The stamp laser engraving machine can easily engrave the graphics to any material. Surface and edge cutting as required by the design.


Advantages of stamp laser engraving machine:

1: Wide range: the stamp laser engraving machine can engrave and cut almost any non-metallic material. And the price is low.
2: Safe and reliable: the stamp laser engraving machine uses non-contact machining without mechanical compression or mechanical stress on the material. No knife marks, no damage to the surface of the workpiece; no deformation of the material.
3: Accurate and meticulous: the processing accuracy of the stamp laser engraving machine can reach 0.02mm.
4: Environmental protection: the beam and spot diameter of the stamp laser engraving machine is small, generally less than 0.5mm; the cutting process saves materials, safety and hygiene.
5: The effect is consistent: the stamp laser engraving machine ensures that the processing results of the same batch are exactly the same.
6: High speed and quick: the stamp laser engraving machine can immediately engrave and cut at high speed according to the pattern output from the computer.
7: Low cost: the stamp laser engraving machine is not limited by the number of processing, laser processing is cheaper for small batch processing services.


Carved material
1.stamp laser engraving machine is suitable for non-metallic materials such as: horn print, wood print, red plastic print, plexiglass print, atomic print, crystal print, soft jade print.
2.stamp laser engraving machine is suitable for small-area handicraft processing, carving all kinds of graphics and text on two-color board, wood board, bamboo piece, plexiglass board, acrylic, cloth.
3.stamp laser engraving machine can engrave names, models, logos, patterns, etc. on electronic components, which is extremely permanent.


Stamp laser engraving machine system

1. Carbon dioxide laser (co2 laser tube).
2. Laser power supply (both high voltage package power supply and high voltage box power supply).
3. Control panel (including power switch, laser switch test switch, lighting switch, current adjustment, current display and other function keys).
4. Plane workbench (for fixtures and clips).
5. Optical path system (consisting of lens holder and plane mirror).
6. Cooling system.
7. Smoke exhaust system.
8. Motherboard (the main control part).
9. Computer engraving machine software (encryption lock software and registration code software).
10.USB cable (connecting important links between computers and machines).