Industry knowledge

Industry knowledge

In winter, when the laser tube is used, it is easy to freeze, wire aging, lens freezing and condensation. In order to ensure users' normal use of the laser, please pay attention to the use of the laser machine in winter:

1. Before starting up, be sure to check the water circulation system of the laser tube, lens and other important parts to prevent freezing of the water circulation system and frosting and condensation of the lens.

2. In order to prevent the laser tube from freezing in winter, after the laser stops working, drain the water in the laser tube and the circulation system clean.

3.  If the temperature reaches below zero, the cooling water can be replaced with antifreeze.

4. If ice is found in the laser tube, do not turn it on. Forced use may easily lead to the laser tube exploding and other dangerous consequences.

Laser marking machine market is the fastest growing application technology in recent years. Laser marking is a technology that uses high energy density laser to irradiate the workpiece locally, to vaporize or change the color of the surface material, thus leaving a permanent marking.

 Laser marking has many unique advantages. It can mark all kinds of cosmic lines, patterns, numbers and barcodes, and its linewidth can be less than 0.0lmm. Laser marking is permanent, unlike ink-jet printing, which can be erased; it can be used as anti-counterfeiting marking. It is not easy to be counterfeited; it belongs to non-contact processing, so there is no damage to the surface of parts; the parity of marking is clear and the graphics quality is good; the efficiency is high and the cost is low, so it can mark many kinds of materials; the marking content can be easily replaced by a juice computer operation, and a part can be marked one by one; because of the above characteristics, it is more and more widely used, especially a variety of electronic devices and integration. Circuit modules, automotive parts and even automotive windows, wires, connectors, tools, medical devices, precision instruments, circuit boards, rubber products, computer keyboards, mobile phone panels, exquisite gifts, glass products and so on.

Several Skills of Choosing Laser Engraving Machine


1. Determine the material for sculpture


For example, when carving and cutting non-metal, we choose non-metal laser engraving machine, and when processing metal, we choose metal laser engraving machine, because the price difference between them is very big. The cheapest non-metal laser engraving machine only needs about 20,000 yuan, while the cheapest metal laser engraving machine also needs more than 100,000 yuan to start.


2. Determine the processing width, that is, the size of the table.


According to the different application industries, the processing breadth of laser engraving machine is also different. The general types of laser engraving machine are 3020, 4040, 6040, 9060, 1325, 1390, 1490, 1610, 1810.

laser engraving machine

For example: 6040 model is 600 * 400 mm, laser engraving machine processing breadth is different, other configuration is the same, the larger the breadth, the price will naturally rise.


3. Choose a highly specialized and versatile machine


Although most laser engraving machines can cut more than one material, we still recommend that we can make the field professional, because in the processing applications of different industries, the laser engraving machine for professional customization is generally designed for laser engraving or cutting, to achieve far more than general purpose. Effectiveness of equipment.

laser cutting machine

For example, if you are engaged in advertising, you should choose a laser engraving machine specialized in advertising industry. If you still insist on buying ordinary laser engraving machine, you must choose a laser engraving machine with a "knife bed" device. Keep in mind: Do not believe what some manufacturers say 60w, 80W machine can cut 20 mm thick acrylic, this is impossible, even if it can be cut barely, the cutting edge is also tragic. According to the relevant industry experience for many years, the normal value is: 60W laser engraving machine can cut 8-10mm acrylic, 80W laser engraving machine can cut 8-15mm acrylic.


4. Choose the laser power that matches the processing requirement, but not excessively.


According to the different material and process of carving, we should choose the appropriate number of laser tube watt, which can achieve the desired work effect, not over matching, after all, the price of high-power equipment is also higher.

laser engraver