Custom Laser Series

Product Specification:
  • Machine size : 920*730*420mm
  • Machine color : Dark grey-white,dark grey-red
  • Working area : 400*400mm
  • Engraving thickness : 2cm(depends on material
  • Cutting thickness : 2cm(depends
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Product Details
  • Industrial grade laser headRUIDA  V8 CONTROL  SYSTEM

     Powerful processing function, visual operation and  easy to learn , can meet almost all customer processing requirements.

    • Extended up to 6cm
      Extended up to 6cm
    • High precision
      High precision
  • Optical frameOptical frame

    It can be extended up to 6cm.Being very convenient for adjusting the focal length and high precision.

  • Imported linear guide
    Imported linear guideImported linear guide

    Reinforced bearing slide design.Stainless steel guide rail is rustproof and oxidation resistance.lower drag coefficient, higher precision and smooth operation.

  • Tank track guide chain
    Tank track guide chainTank track guide chain

    It protects the air pipe effectively and the bundle line.Long life.

  • High-speed stepping motor
    High-speed stepping motorHigh-speed stepping motor

    Stable high-speed stepping motor.Speed and stability could also be comparable with the mainframe.

  • Red light positioning
    Red light positioningRed light positioning

    It can accurately posit the working position of the laser beam.Machine working is high precision.

  • Jet tube assist
    Jet tube assistJet tube assist

    It can protect the lens from smoke pollution and ensure light transmittance.Removing excess heat and impurities.So carbonization and charring will be avoided.

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